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I've always been captivated by the power of A Great Story.

It's a passion that's taken me from the sunny shores of Santa Barbara, CA, to the vibrant heart of the Chicago suburbs where I grew up.


My journey as an artist began around age 11 when I corralled the neighborhood kids for backyard plays, where I sewed all the costumes. As I grew into adulthood, I embarked on a quest to bring narratives to life through the art of costume design. This adventure has led me down many captivating paths.

Theater: I've donned the hat of a costume director, where my wardrobe and I traveled through time with reenactors, dabbled in cinematic magic with short films, and swayed to the rhythm of music in music videos.|

Fashion: My creative spirit expanded into fashion design, and I'm proud to have showcased my award-winning clothing lines at prestigious venues such as the NY Fashion Institute of Technology, the Savannah College of Art and Design, Charlotte NC's Mint Museum, Chicago’s Hard Rock Cafe, Charlotte Fashion Week, and even the illustrious New York Fashion Week.

With a background steeped in historical costume design and an unwavering penchant for romanticism, my modern-day artistic pursuits often exude dramatic flair. I thrive on the "WOW" factor, those moments of breathtaking surprise that are akin to Christmas morning revelations.

Awards and Accolades: My dedication to fashion has been recognized with a slew of awards:
Best Emerging Designer - Charlotte Fashion Week 2011

Best Designer - Simon Fashion Now - Design Wars 2011

Best Designer - Simon Fashion Now - Design Wars 2012

Best Recycled Design - Charlotte Fashion Week 2013

Best Recycled Design - Passport for Fashion 2014

People's Choice Award - Recycled Design - Passport for Fashion 2014
Best Recycled Design - Charlotte Fashion Week 2015 Best Recycled Design - Passport for Fashion 2016 (Judge's choice)
Best Recycled Design - Charlotte Fashion Week 2016


Photography: Behind the lens, I'm a storyteller as well. From my trusty Pentax camera in high school to my current arsenal of Nikon and Sony cameras, I craft visual tales with real-life sets, props, and outfits. My aim is usually to weave tales without relying too much on Photoshop and never on AI, but rather on the artistry of those involved.

The Modern Romantic Podcast: Beyond the realms of visual storytelling, I'm also the host of "The Modern Romantic Podcast." This platform is where we celebrate and draw inspiration from modern-day romantics—artists, creators, and passionate individuals who infuse their craft with an undeniable sense of romanticism. We've had the privilege of featuring Emmy and Grammy Award Winners, mindset coaches, hobbyists, and small businesses, and we learned something profound from each and every one.

You can explore more of my world, my creations, and my musings on social media as well.

It's a journey filled with stories, art, fashion, and the unending quest for A Great Story.


Join me in celebrating the magic of storytelling and the beauty of romance, both in the past and in the present.

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Ophelia Fine Art Print by Emily Kramer


When photography and art come together.

New York Fashion Week Recycled Design Pagliaci by Emily Kramer


Theater, music video, NY Fashion Week, costuming, fashion activism, unconventional materials designs, and more.

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