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Ophelia fine art print by Emily Kramer


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I have always loved A Great Story.

So much so, that being part of telling A Great Story became my quest. At age eleven, I began creating backyard plays with the neighborhood kids and made all the costumes. As an adult, I followed my quest through theater and student film as a costume director. Me and my wardrobe have traveled through history with

re-enactors, through cinema in short film, and with musicians in music video. Also delving into fashion design, I am thankful to have won awards for two clothing lines, and best design awards for several recycled designs. The honor of showing at NY Fashion Institute of Technology, Savannah College of Art and Design, New York Fashion Week, Opera Carolina, and The Mint Museum were also great highlights in my life.

Ultimately for me, loving A Great Story meant creating my own.

Currently, I'm a photographer, costumer, and publisher, which allows me to create and publish my own

Great Stories.

About A
Ophelia Fine Art Print by Emily Kramer


When photography and art come together.

New York Fashion Week Recycled Design Pagliaci by Emily Kramer


Theater, music video, NY Fashion Week, costuming, fashion activism, unconventional materials designs, and more.

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